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The 14 September 1974 , Paul VI went on a pilgrimage to Aquino, in the seventh centenary of the death of St. Thomas (1274-1974).

In one of the most intense passages of Discourse in front of the Basilica of Aquino, Pope Paul VI said:

Where, if not

in Aquino,

can the study of our religion, even in its elementary and popular (but necessary and wise) form, be honoured and implemented by all with special engagement? And so here is the lesson that we can still learn from your holy teacher, Thomas Aquinas: let us be diligent, let us pay devoted and loving attention to Christian doctrine.

(Insegnamenti di Paolo VI, XII 1974)

In 2009, after 35 years from the historic visit, a group of young people of Aquino responded to the appeal of Paul VI founding a cultural society, aimed at the promotion of a cultural project based in Christian doctrine and open to new languages of culture and art, in the perspective of a “new humanistic synthesis” , (Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, 21).

Veritas et Amor is the motto chosen for this cultural project with a double vocation, Christian and universal , in the footsteps of Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church and at the same time “pioneer of the new path of philosophy and universal culture” (John Paul II, Fides et ratio, 43).

That same year, the Circolo was recognized by the Diocese of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo and included in the Cultural Project of the Italian Catholic Church.

In 2010, the Circolo established the Thomas Aquinas International Prize, devoted to a personality that stands out in the world of culture or art, and the Veritas et Amor, Contest, for young scholars and artists.

The same year started the publication of the Quaderni Aquinati, Series of studies and documents co-edited with the Vatican Press, and opened the Studium Aquinatis, for university students.


Main activities:

Conferences and Seminars.


Thomas Aquinas International Prize

ddevoted for a personality that stands out in the world of culture or art.

Veritas et AmorContest

for young scholars and artists within 35 years of age.

Divided into sections Culture and Art, provides for the supply of two scholarships of Euros 2,000 , the first for an original thesis (degree or doctorate) or monograph on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, even in non- strictly philosophical or theological fields; the second for a work of art inspired by the figure or the thought of Thomas Aquinas.

Studium Aquinatis: studium open to university students.

Disputationes: games of philosophy for university students in the style of medieval disputationes.

Library specialized in the collection of the works of Thomas Aquinas and publications relating his figure and thought.